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All digital artwork, layouts and designs are used under license from Source OneDigital, Inc. who retains all ownership rights and is presented with the understanding that it is not to be copied or reproduced without our written permission. Any unlicensed use or duplication, by any means, of any design, theme, copy, art or layout is strictly prohibited. The information contained herein may be privileged, confidential and protected by US Copyright Laws. Any unlicensed disclosure, use, dissemination, distribution or copying of this artwork is strictly prohibited without proper permission.

Approving a digital proof by email or through our online proofing site is a binding agreement or go ahead for Source One Digital, Inc. to produce/print mentioned artwork.

Any corrections and/or changes made after the approval of any digital proofs are not the responsibility of Source One Digital, Inc.

Be specific if you are having third parties view proofs online, the proofing site is an automated process and we will print and produce "ANY" files approved online, making the account holder responsible for payment.

Actual printed materials or application may vary slightly in color and size due to various printing processes, application requirements and in the color of computer monitors used while proofing a layout.